Movement Research at the Judson Church — February 3, 2020

André M. Zachery/Renegade Performance Group, K.J. Holmes, He Jin Jang

Against Gravity: Flying Africans and Other Urban Legends
Choreography: André M. Zachery
Text: André M. Zachery
Music: “Captain” Bobby “Blue” Bland
Sound Mixing: André M. Zachery

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC

excerpts of a work in progress, 900 Bees Are Humming
Created and performed by K.J. Holmes
Recorded music by cellist, Juan Ignacio Ferreras
K.J. Holmes is a dance artist who lives in Brooklyn NY. Juan Ignacio Ferreras is a cellist who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC

Weekly Weakly (the 27th week)
Choreography/concept: He Jin Jang in collaboration with performers
Performers: He Jin Jang, Hyeongbin Cho, Ursula Eagly
Weekly Weakly is a poetic frame of school for the umbrella project microhabitat body by He Jin Jang Dance. Weekly Weakly weakens the idea of new production, but values the idea of the performative in our weekly weakness-sharing through the practice of talking/reading/touching/moving/writing. What is shared today is the 27th week of Weekly Weakly practice-as-performance. Weekly Weakly will also weaken the choices of the previous piece that was performed at Judson Church by He Jin Jang in 2017.

Videography: The Fleet NYC LLC


Movement Research at the Judson Church is a free, ongoing, Monday night performance series of experimentation and works-in-progress.

Performances are held on Mondays at 8pm (doors open at 7:30pm) at the Judson Memorial Church. Admission is free. There are no reservations, so arrive early.

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